Erie School District holds meeting to issue announcements for staff getting COVID-19 vaccine

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Teachers and students are anxiously waiting the day where students can get back to the classroom full time.

There is word tonight that 500 doses of the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine are earmarked for Erie teachers could speed up the process.

The Erie School District held their meeting tonight issuing new announcements for their staff getting the vaccine and fixing the schools ventilation issues.

Erie School District is hoping to open up their classrooms to more students from slowly fixing the ventilation issues and for staff to receive the new vaccine.

“We did have to start out the year 100% remote and had to bring our elementary school student back by February. So we do have those students back on a hybrid model. Unfortunately our middle school and high school students are still out because of those ventilation issues,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent for the Erie School District.

Plans are continuing to fix those ventilation issues.

“The stimulus money we have received and anticipate receiving in the next round of funding will help us address those issues so we won’t have this type of problem in the future,” said Polito.

But that’s not the only thing that can help students get into the classroom. Teachers now have access to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“It’s removing another hurtle in getting our kids back into the classroom and we know that’s the most important place our students can be,” said Teresa Szumigala, Assistant Superintendent of the Erie School District.

Erie School District have 1,000 staff members that say they want the vaccine.

“That first round of the allocation for the Erie School District is about 500 doses starting next week. We should be able to start getting our staff members that wanted vaccinated and anticipate having everyone vaccinated by the end of March,” said Polito.

“I think as we get further along with this and as cases continue to decline we will see folks choose the in person option,” said Szumigala.

Polito said nothing compares to in person instruction and is very excited to be one step closer to getting all our kids back to school everyday.

According to Polito, in terms of the ventilation there are plans in the works to bring those students back for the fourth quarter where they can open up the windows in those buildings.

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