Is it safe to get your flu shot at the same time as your COVID-19 vaccine?

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Flu season is upon us and some are wondering if it’s safe to get the flu shot along your COVID-19 vaccine.

Fontaine Glenn was live in the control room with more.

The push for flu shots continues as it gets closer and closer to flu season.

The 2020 flu season was mild while everyone wore face masks and social distanced.

With rising COVID numbers, the question arises of safety in getting both the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu shot and potentially a booster shot in the future.

As covid cases rise, medical professionals want to make sure to have another mild flu season like 2020. To do this, people are being encouraged to continue to wear masks and social distance.

Along with mask wearing and social distancing, getting the flu shot will help protect you from contracting the flu.

One LECOM pharmacist says it is completely safe to get the flu shot along with the COVID-19 vaccine and potential booster shots, but you run the chance of getting double the side effects.

“If you’re feeling a little uneasy about getting both of them, I would just separate them by a couple days or a week because you are probably going to get the sore arm and maybe a mild headache from either vaccine. So if you get them on the same day that’s going to be amplified. But, really the benefit of not getting the flu and not getting covid is going to outweigh any of those side effects,” said Tina Schuler, LECOM pharmacist.

Along with mask wearing and social distancing, getting the flu shot will help protect you from contracting the flu.

But is it safe for you to get both vaccines at the same time or should you wait a certain about of time?

Medical professionals say it is safe to get them at the same time and you don’t have to wait.

“So you may have heard there was originally a 14 day window from the covid vaccine where you didn’t want to receive any other vaccine. That recommendation has gone away. They are saying it’s safe to even get two vaccines on the same day, your covid vaccine and another vaccine,” said Schuler.

Schuler says when it comes to the extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, LECOM is telling patients not to worry about the time frame because the timeline for when booster shots will be given out is still up in the air.

LECOM is hosting flu vaccine clinics every week. Click here for a full list of 2021 LECOM flu clinics.

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