Local organizations and community centers are making the vaccine more accessible to people in the community.

Allegheny Health Network has partnered with the Booker T. Washington Center to bring the vaccine directly to the community.

AHN St. Vincent has partnered with the Booker T. Washington Center to host a vaccination clinic.

Carol Troop, a retired school teacher, said that she was anxious about making the decision to get the vaccine, but didn’t go in without support.

“It was hard for me to come to the decision for me to go ahead and do it,” said Carol Troop, Erie Resident.

With support from her brother, they decided to finally get the vaccine.

“That’s the only reason I came to the conclusion because me and my brother at first we hesitated. We talked about it for a while then I said if my brother does it I’ll do it,” said Troop.

People who received their first dose today were pre-scheduled for today’s clinic.

“Community leaders and church leaders got people on our schedule here, people that may be hesitant to get the shot, now they are getting this opportunity,” said Dr. Chris Clark, President of AHN Saint Vincent Hospital.

Now the idea behind this clinic is to provide over 600 first doses of the Pfizer vaccine directly to the community including those in desperate need in the 1A group.

“There is such a big gap between who is getting the vaccine and who has not gotten the vaccine and we know that minorities haven’t gotten as many vaccines,” said Dr. Margret Larkins-Pettigrew, Physician Chief Clinical Diversity and Inc

Here is why Carol said that getting the vaccine is important to everyone.

“We need to think about our family members and people we come in contact with because we don’t know who has the virus,” said Troop.

The next vaccination clinic for their second dose will be 21 days after today.

According to Stephen Henderson, Director of Pharmacy at Saint Vincent, after the clinic held today, AHN Saint Vincent will have administered over 22,000 doses of the vaccine.