More guidelines announced today regarding visiting those who are fully vaccinated

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As we are one step closer to some kind of normalcy from the pandemic, more guidelines were announced today regarding peoples safety on visiting with those who are fully vaccinated.

We spoke to a few people regarding these new guidelines.

We certainly are hearing more positive guidelines especially for those who are fully vaccinated on what the new regulations are for being around people and who you can and can’t visit in households.

While other people are fully vaccinated, one person who is not yet vaccinated said she is uncomfortable with some of the new CDC guidelines.

“Everyone should still wear the mask because you are in my house because I won’t be wearing one when I’m inside my house I’m not wearing a mask,” said Margaret Moore, Erie Resident.

The new CDC guidelines are in place based on more COVID-19 research indicating those who are fully vaccinated can now visit with other vaccinated people indoors without a mask or social distancing.

One of several recommendations includes:

“Fully vaccinated individuals are able to gather with low risk individuals in their homes in small gatherings with no mask or social distance. Fully vaccinated individuals if they get exposed to someone with COVID-19 they do not need to quarantine and do not need to get tested if they remain asymptomatic,” said Emily Shears, Hospital Epidemiologist at UPMC Hamot.

Now you still want to make sure you still abide by COVID-19 rules and regulations when out in public.

If you are visiting unvaccinated, people in multiple different households and if you are around unvaccinated people who are at high risk for getting COVID-19.

“As more and more of the population gets vaccinated we all do want to get back to what you would call normal life here,” said Shears.

And in getting back to a normal life Margret said people should be able to make their own decisions.

“You shouldn’t be forced what you can or cannot do anywhere. I think if it’s the persons home, they make the decision do they want people to wear them or do they not?” said Moore.

Shears said if you are uncomfortable and are vaccinated, they recommend that you do wear a mask and still social distance.

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