Starting April 13th, everyone in Pennsylvania ages 16 and up will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

We attended a public hearing with state lawmakers and vaccine makers about the vaccines.

As Pennsylvania aims to get people vaccinated, the House Democratic Policy Committee heard from the vaccine manufacturers to get questions answered.

A Democratic Policy Committee Hearing was held to discuss COVID-19 vaccines on safety, effectiveness, and what to expect soon, especially now that everyone ages 16 and up can get vaccinated starting on Tuesday.

People however are concerned about all sorts of things.

“For the record, when you get the vaccine you are not being microchipped are you?” said Rep Chris Sainato, PA House of Representatives.

“No you are not being microchipped,” said Amy Walker, Director of Infectious Diseases Policy at Biotechnology Innovation.

According to state representatives, concerning questions such as this one are the reason why some people refrain from getting the vaccine.

One of the ways people might feel more safe getting vaccinated is to understand how the vaccines are made such as Pfizer.

“MRNA vaccines do not contain any virus particles. Instead as Amy said they provide a recipe that teaches our own cells to create a part of the COVID-19 virus that’s called a spiked protein,” said Lisa Coen, Senior Director of Vaccine Public Affairs at Pfizer.

Not only are people questioning getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but also how long will it last in your system?

“Data that these vaccines are protective for at least six to nine months. So hopefully we can push any sort of booster dose off until at least 2022, but that still has yet to be seen,” said Walker.

“Listen we are at the end of this pandemic. Closer and closer to getting back to normal. The only thing we need to do is protect one another by getting vaccinated,” said Ryan Bizzarro, (D) Pennsylvania State Representative, 3rd District.

According to Walker, the vaccine protects you from getting severe COVID. You still need to make sure that you observe good public health measures such as wearing a mask and staying socially distant to prevent any further spread.