Hispanic Heritage Month- Breaking down barriers for bi-racial couple

Hispanic Heritage Month

You never know who, when or where you might fall in love. In this couple’s case, their story begins at Jackson State during an entertainment event.

“We had a hotspot at Jackson State and I think he was with a group of teammates and I was with a group of my friends, and I was like ‘Ooo, I want to say hi to him.'” said Jessica.

Their paths crossed again and then they became good friends.

“It’s definitely a culture shock. His family was in Venezuela, so I spoke Spanish and so I wasn’t fluent in Spanish. I am now, but communicating with them, communicating over the phone was real interesting.” Jessica said.

Jessica is from Atlanta, Georgia and Miguel is from Venezuela.

“I came to the states in 2013. I attended community college in Iowa then I transferred to Jackson State University in 2015 on a full ride academic and also playing baseball.” said Miguel, Jessica’s husband.

They both love Jackson State and believe the HBCU broke down any barriers.

“I think it broke down stereotypes in everything he had in dating a Black woman. So, I think it’s amazing that Jackson State prides itself on our differences.” Jessica said.

Their wedding ceremony had a special meaning to both of them.

“We had our Bible verse read. One of my best friends read in English and one of his best friends read in Spanish and just to have his family on the front row, hearing and understanding everything that is going on. It was just so fulfilling and I wouldn’t have had that any other way.

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