Hispanic Heritage Month- Differences between Cinco De Mayo and El 16 De Septiembre

Hispanic Heritage Month

Starting today, JET 24 Action News is launching a month-long series of weekly stories as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Tonight, we begin with a look at why many people get the dates of May 5th and September 16th confused.

Reporter Monica Cortez gives us an explanation of why these two dates are often mixed up.

El 16 De Septiembre is celebrated by Mexicans as the day the Revolution against Spanish rule, which began in 1810.

According to Kim Baxter, Instructional Officer for Secondary Social Studies, September 16th is when the priest in Dolores, Mexico, rang the bell in order to signal the cry to arms for the fight for independence.

The priest was Miguel Hidalgo y Costillaa, the leader in Mexico’s war for liberty. Even though the revolution started in 1810, it would turn into a war that would last more than 10 years.

El Grito is often confused with another historic date in Mexico’s history…5 de Mayo, which is heavily celebrated in the United States.

“They both have to do with winning wars,” Baxter said. “The 5 de Mayo was celebrating the winning of the Battle of Puebla…and that was when France and Austria were trying to come in and take over Mexico. While France did stay for a little while, that battle was kind of the turning point and so Cinco De Mayo celebrates that victory.”

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