Hispanic Heritage Month- Quinceaneras

Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s not every day you turn 15. For 21-year old Valerica Camacho, she still remembers that day six years ago.

“I realized that from that day on, I’m no longer a little girl anymore, you know. I’m a young lady now. I have become a young lady. I have different responsibilities, you know. I have to, you know, have a different mindset throughout your life and everything.” Camacho said.

Quinceaneras have traditions in Mesoamerica.

“A Quinceanera has roots in Mesoamerica hundreds of years ago. It’s pretty much the Latin equivalent of a debutante ball.” said Jasse Camacho Vera, Brother and Planner.

Quinceaneras often start out with mass, then go off to a party that have heels, slippers, tiaras, and rings that all symbolize various things.

“For example, at my sister’s quinceanera, we had the transitioning of the slippers into high heels. That’s typically presented by the father figure, symbolizing that shift from innocence into womanhood. And we have the changing of, or the placement of the tiara, which is usually presented by the mother of the mother figure. That symbolizes the expectation of humility, of respect, of dignity. Also, the placement of a ring, which our uncle, who is like a father figure to her as well, presented her with the ring. That is the infinite love and devotion to your faith.” Camacho-Vera said.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will look at the rich culture of the region’s Hispanic community, as we celebrate our Heritage.

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