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Loving Giving Local

Our Loving Giving Local team knows it won’t be long before we all want to be outside to get some fresh air. So, it should come as no surprise that the winner of the $250 award is a group looking to preserve green space right in the middle of the city.

Tucked quietly between 32nd and 33rd Streets from French to Holland sits a neighborhood treasure, Baker’s Field. A few years back, Academy Neighbors began sprucing up the park and doing research. They found out that Erie clothier and long time school board director Isaac Baker had donated the land to the school district. The neighbors asked to adopt the park, which began a renewed effort to clean up and make the park available for kids.

“It’s really been a coming together of businesses, volunteers, residents all to pay homage to someone who gave back to the community and to help maintain this as a focal point so that it remains a green space and an area that we can enjoy.” said Janina Lee, Academy Neighborhood Association.

The association wasn’t expecting the Loving Giving Local award of $250 but say it will come in handy. Sponsor Joe Askins say the project is worth the donation, especially when he learned of the kids who practice football and other sports here.

“I’m excited to hear that that continues. A sports team continues to use this field and this Academy Neighborhood Association is keeping it up so it’s a good feeling.” Askins said.

What worthwhile project will benefit from the Loving Giving Local award next, you can tune in Wednesday morning to find out.

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