Brookside Fire Department wins $250 in JET 24/FOX 66/ and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

Our Loving Giving Local team continues its mission this week of rewarding a worthy charity with a $250 gift after the winner is aired on Good Morning Erie.

Today, a group of volunteers that is willing to risk it all to keep their neighbors safe. JET 24 Action News’ Scott Bremner has the story.

It takes more than trained, dedicated personnel to run a successful volunteer fire department. It takes money for equipment, heating and lighting bills, training costs and more. Dan Williams knows that. As president of the Brookside Fire Department, he sees the costs first hand and knows an award of $250 can make a big difference,

“I got the bills in the mail,” Williams said. “Just Friday, one of them is almost $250. It’s just our fuel bill, so it’s going to pay something off real quick. It helps…it helps a lot.”

Williams and some of the volunteers have been keeping track of the Loving Giving Local drawings each week, wondering when the winning slip would say “Brookside” and the day finally came. Loving Giving Local sponsor Joe Askins couldn’t be happier.

“When you look at all of the volunteer fire departments in our community and how they struggle sometimes to get money, it’s always a great thing when you can come here and bring a check.” Askins said.

Where will Superstore Joe and the Loving Giving Local crew be bringing a check next week? You can tune in Wednesday morning on Good Morning Erie to find out.

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