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Loving Giving Local

Anyone who is a parent can tell you that children are little miracles. This week, our Loving Giving Local crew found one charity working hard to keep as many miracles around as possible.

For decades now, the Children’s Miracle Network has worked with the AHN Saint Vincent neonatal unit to provide equipment and materials for our tiniest citizens, making sure they are on the path to a healthy and stable life.

By working with the families of preemie babies and the hospital neonatal staff, the Children’s Miracle Network workers and volunteers have created a group greater than themselves.

“We’ve had a great response from families. We build the greatest connections with them and it really is just like a big family.” said Ashley Ross, Director of the Children’s Miracle Network

A family that has helped the charity survive through these tough COVID-19 pandemic times.

Staff members are grateful that they have been able to provide what the babies need, even when those times get tough. The Loving Giving Local crew’s $250 award helps them be a part of the extended family as well.

“To learn about the families that they help and the things that they make and it’s all about the kids. For us, to bring Loving Giving Local here to day makes me really proud of what we’re doing in the community.” said Joe Askins.

What worthwhile charity will benefit next week by the Loving Giving Local $250 award? You’ll have to tune in on Wednesday morning to find out!

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