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Loving Giving Local

A local non-profit has served people around the world for more than 50 years. Few people in our region knew much about them, until recently. This week, Chosen Mission Project gets a visit from Loving Giving Local.

Chosen Mission Project is a ministry that provides hospital and medical equipment to countries in need around the world. Headquartered in Millcreek, the international mission only began serving the local region in 2015.

Chosen collects donated medical and healthcare equipment and provides it free of charge when healthcare coverage will no longer pay for it. This includes everything from a cane, a walker, a wheelchair, a motorized scooter.

As many as 750 a month go out the door. Now, Gannon University Physical Therapy students are going to help recipients learn how to use the equipment.

“One of the things we were getting questions about a lot was ‘How do you use this walker?’ or ‘What do you do here?’ or ‘What size do I need?’ We are not necessarily medical people here and so it was very excited to know that Gannon approached us and thought they would like to work with us with what we are doing.” said Rick King, Executive Director of Chosen. “It’s amazing that, just that cane, or walker, how much that changes their life to be able to be mobile once again.”

“They’re in the community, providing free medical equipment for people in our area who are in need of it. That is exactly what Loving Giving Local is. For us to be here today and learn the stories of how they give back each and every day, I’m proud to be here and to give them a donation that we know is going to stay right here in the community.” said Joe Askins, Auto Express.

You can learn more on how your gift of time, talent, or treasure can help this ministry by clicking here or visit their Facebook page.

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