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Loving Giving Local

It’s Wednesday and that means our Loving Giving Local crew is hitting the streets, looking for a worthwhile charity for this week’s $250 award.

This is the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Academy, where the subject matter goes far beyond the basics. Sure, there’s reading and math skills, but these young people of color are also learning lessons in African-American history, discipline and respect, to create not only good students, but good adults.

“The students wear uniforms, they say yes ma’am, yes sir, all of the traditions of the things we grew up saying. They engage the adults with respect, it is just great to have this school in the community to teach the things they aren’t learning at home or have not learned in other schools,” said Kim Overton, a teacher at Eagle’s Nest.

The Leadership at the Eagle’s Nest also likes to use field trips to expand the students’ knowledge like a recent trip to see a movie on the life of Harriet Tubman. It’s in those moments when the Loving Giving Local award of $250 will come in handy.

“It was really surprising to see all that they have going on and it just made me really happy to be able to deliver our donation today,” said Joe Askins.

What charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local award next week? Tune in Wednesday morning on Good Morning Erie to find out.

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