Erie Drum Corps wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

This week’s loving giving local award goes to an organization that has proudly served the region for 60 years.

The $250 award helps the group pass an important goal as the members look to get back on the right competitive track.

Scott Bremner with the latest on the Erie Thunderbirds.

When the Erie Thunderbirds compete, the local drum and bugle corp can go note for note with the best in the world.

In the region since 1956, the group is just recently back to competitions after taking years off due to a lack of musicians.

After several successful years, the group fell short of musicians again in 2019, but are promising a strong return because there’s a history of world champions and it’s just too much fun.

“We’re just having a ball. There’s so much history in this drum corp. We’re six time world champions in the 90’s,” said Rick Carr of the Erie Thunderbirds.

The goal is to attract young musicians in a digital age and equip the group for the challenges ahead, including thousands of dollars for a new equipment trailer.

The loving giving local award of $250 providing the final push for success.

Gary Matczak of the Erie Thunderbirds said with the award of this check, it will put them just over the top of a $7,000 fundraiser that they have been doing for a new equipment trailer and are looking for the last $190, so they are $60 on top now.

“To learn that this is going to push them over the edge and they will be able to buy this trailer, it’s going to help put that final money together, it’s a good feeling. That’s what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express.

Dollars that will help secure the future of an iconic Erie Institution. Tune in next Wednesday to see where the Loving Giving Local crew goes next.

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