Erie Zoo wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

This week our Loving Giving Local crew is going to a place that a lot of people go to this time of year.

That means a lot of animals will have access to better healthcare. Here is more on this week’s winner, the Erie Zoo.

The animals at the Erie Zoo aren’t all that different from us.

They love when people visit, they enjoy the warm sunshine, and they have to be careful of infection during medical procedures.

When the Loving Giving Local drawing picked the Erie Zoo for a $250 award, Zoo guy Scott Mitchell knew what to do.

The vet staff had been saving for new equipment to sterilize the tools they use.

“So for example we did a claw removal on a lion and we did some teeth on lions and jaguars. We’ve done all kinds of procedures and they’re used almost every day and we have to clean them the old school way. So this is very helpful,” said Scott Mitchell, President & CEO of Erie Zoo.

Keeping the animals healthy is more than just the humane thing to do.

It’s also protecting the zoo’s main attractions, the reasons why people come.

So in a way, keeping the animals healthy keeps the zoo healthy as well.

“The Erie Zoo is such a treasure here in our community and to be able to give back to the zoo is a great thing,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor of Auto Express.

What worthwhile charity will be next to benefit from the Loving Giving Local $250 award? Tune in next Wednesday morning to find out.

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