Hope on Horseback wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

Horses develop special relationships with people.

For those with emotional or physical challenges, working with a horse can be, literally, life changing. That’s what our Loving Giving Local crew found when awarding this week’s $250 award.

Horse trainers have seen it time and again. The personal and emotional challenges in humans overcome when someone works with a horse.

The volunteers of Hope on Horseback have seen it since the 1980s, so much so that they’ve expanded the group’s programs beyond the traditional.

“We’ve recently added programs for veterans, crime victims, cancer survivors, along with our normal riders who have mental and physical disabilities. We even have people with wheelchairs. We even have a paraplegic that rides.” said Kimberly Danylko.

But, 2020 has not been kind. The upkeep for the horses is pricey, and half the riders and most of the fundraisers are gone for the year. The Loving Giving Local $250 award will go to foot and upkeep, but the impact on the humans is being felt too.

“It brings spirit to the community. It gives people hope, whether they have been injured, whether their confidence is low, this is a great place to come spend the time with the horses and have a chance to ride.” said Joe Askins.

What worthwhile local charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local $250 award next? You can tune in to Wednesday morning to find out.

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