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Loving Giving Local

Each week, the Loving Giving Local team finds a worthy charity working to make life better in Erie.

Tonight, we travel to Corry where neighbors are working hard to make an impact.

Like many smaller communities, Corry has seen its share of economic disappointments in recent years, however, the people there aren’t giving up. In fact, they are joining together as Impact Corry.

Charles Eurydice Gray was so committed when she was hired to run Impact Corry that she bought a blighted house in town to fix up and live in.

She says success comes when everyone does their part.

“Work with the goal of making Corry the place to live, work, visit, and play, that is a destination that people want to be here,” said Charles Eurydice Gray, Impact Corry.

Auto Express Resale Centers’ Joe Askins knows about getting a business going. He is impressed with the effort he sees in Corry and the response the Loving Giving Local team received when Impact Corry won the $250 award.

“We have the Mayor here, we have some of their council members. They’re pretty excited and appreciative and that money is going to good use with what they have going on here. I’m glad we could help,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express Resale Centers, Loving Giving Local sponsor.

Who will win next week’s Loving Giving Local? Tune in next Wednesday morning to find out.

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