Lake Erie Arboretum wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie & Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

Our Loving Giving Local crew isn’t about to let a few slippery roads keep them from visiting a worthwhile charity with their $250 reward.

This week’s winner is a group dedicated to preserving the beauty of nature, especially trees.

An arboretum is really a tree museum, a concept that brings the Loving Giving Local team to Frontier Park and L.E.A.F., the group that oversees the Lake Erie Arboretum.

The goal is to support and nurture nature through a number of programs designed to teach kids to be good stewards of the planet, especially city kids who may not have had much experience with nature’s beauty.

“Mostly we just get kids into the area to see something they might not have seen before. It’s nature education, but it’s also just their chance to kind of be in nature,” said Hannah Rhodes, L.E.A.F.

That’s done through field trips offered free of charge to school kids. Sponsor Joe Askins admits he didn’t know exactly what L.E.A.F. offered until the name was drawn.

When he found out what they did and why, he liked what he heard.

“When they were saying that the $250 was going to be used for their children education, it made me really excited, because that’s what it is; this money will be used for field trips, educating kids on how to plant, educating kids about trees. It’s exciting,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express.

Where will the Loving Giving Local team show up next? Tune in next Wednesday morning to find out.

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