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Loving Giving Local

This week our Loving Giving Local crew is going back to their roots.

A charity that was born in tragedy has now become an inspiration not only to our Loving Giving Local program, but dozens of others around the world.

It has been seven years since the world lost a bright light with the passing of Alyssa O’Neill due to epileptic seizure.

In the wake of that loss came the AJO Forever Foundation which is based on the simple idea of paying random acts of kindness forward.

The result was a world wide reaction that left Alyssa’s mom with a jumble of emotions.

“You’re numb but you’re amazed at the same time. It’s been seven years and we’re looking back at the Facebook memories and people are re-sharing things and now we’re starting to grasp the magnitude and it’s just as awesome today as it was seven years ago,” said Sarah O’Neill, Alyssa’s Mom.

Now the foundation’s efforts are in helping families with epilepsy cope with hospital travel expenses and get out the word about the illness.

It’s also about funding new high tech monitors that can warn patients that a seizure may be on thw way.

Sponsor Joe Askins said that it was the AJO Charity that convinced him to support the Loving Giving Local program.

“To me, I was pretty excited to be here and this $250 will stay in our community and it will make an impact and maybe save someone with the device that could be purchased,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor from Auto Express.

What worthwhile charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local $250 award next? Tune in on Wednesday morning to find out.

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