Career Street is a local program that helps school students better understand career opportunities, and in the process, hopefully solves some of the workforce issues facing local employers.

This week, Career Street got a visit from Loving Giving Local. Career Street is a nine-year-old network that connects local employers with educators, providing career exploration experiences for students K-12.

The experiences can be speakers, tours, job shadows and intern opportunities. Jennifer Pontzer runs Career Street in Erie County.

“They can learn about careers they’re curious in, and they can learn about careers maybe they haven’t heard about. Sort of explore it, so they can learn what’s available in the community, what matches their skills and interests. They’re able to make educated decisions when thinking about what they want to do after they graduate from high school,” said Jennifer Pontzer, Career Street director.

Pontzer said Career Street is always looking to recruit more employers to the network.

“They register, it’s free participation, and they can post experiences they want to offer. Educators then come to the website, find those experiences, and bring them to their students,” Pontzer added.

Amelia Health is a Girard High School senior, who followed her interests and led her to a paid internship with the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. She thinks Career Street is a great opportunity.

“Putting yourself out there gives you more opportunities back, and every connection you make with people are connections you can use throughout your life and gives you a good starting block for your career,” said Amelia Health, Girard High School senior.

“This is a good first step into their career path, and for us to be part of that with Loving Giving Local and to know the donation we bring today is going to stay right with the students, that’s what it’s all about and they’re on a good path,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor, Auto Express.

Learn more about Career Street by heading to their website.