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Loving Giving Local

This week, the Loving Giving Local crew is going to a place where many have not been able to go for the past few months, and that’s to church.

It’s hard to collect much in donations when there is no one to pass the collection plate.

In fact, at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Zoom services are underway for the first time in months. That has changed a lot of programs. The food pantry bags, for instance, are put together early and handed out outside the church.

“We hand out bags of pre-packaged food. We used to allow people to come into the building, have coffee, socialize a bit and choose like a grocery store, but we’re not able to do that safely now.” said Sharon Downey, Cathedral Musician.

The food pantry isn’t the church’s only need right now. There’s also a shortage of school supplies for teachers.

Sponsor Joe Askins knows wherever the church sends the Loving Giving Local $250 award, it will be money well used.

“To hear that this donation is going to go toward their food pantry or buying supplies for teachers and students, I mean, this is what Loving Giving Local is all about. It’s about giving back to the community and the churches have been doing it all year long.” Askins said.

What worthwhile charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local $250 award, you’ll have to tune in on Wednesday morning to find out.

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