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For some people, thoughts this season are not about presents and friends, but rather just finding a place to lay down at the end of the day.

Our Loving Giving Local crew visited an agency whose mission is right in the title. Here is more on the Community Shelter Services.

A lot has changed in the past year, but thing that has remained constant is the work of the Community Shelter Services.

The Community Shelter Services has been in Erie since the 1970’s.

The agency provides safe haven from the cold realities of life for 250 people. Dozens of these people are children.

“We’ve been open throughout the pandemic. We continue to be open. We tend to hold onto people a little bit longer. We’re not evicting people and also we have not been asking people for donations during this time,” said Mark Alexa from Community Shelter Services.

It is however not easy during this time when the bills arrive and the donations do not.

This is where the Loving Giving Local $250 cash award comes in to help keep the shelter warm and inviting for those families in legitimate need.

“They have 72 children that sleep here every night and this $250 is going to impact those children. It’s a pretty special feeling,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor from Auto Express.

It is also a special feeling for the Loving Giving Local crew to help charities through an extremely tough 2020.

What worthwhile charity will be the first to benefit from a Loving Giving Local visit in 2021? Tune in come January to find out.

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