For more than 70 years, Mead Park in Corry has been the place for picnics, fishing, ball games, and outdoor recreation.

On Wednesday, the park received a financial boost from JET 24’s Loving Giving Local.

Mead Park is to Corry as Central Park is to New York City. Acres and acres of outdoor recreational opportunities for picnics, fishing, walking trails, play areas for kids, and a ball field.

Roberta Ayers is a Mead Park member and volunteer.

“The park belongs to the city, but it’s under the management of Mead Park Association. Five or six years ago I thought we ought to have a friends of Mead Park, and so the friends came down to do a lot of the work,” said Robert Ayers, Mead Park Board Member.

Painting, yard work, and decorating at the holidays is just some of what volunteers do.

“The first weekend of December we do the reindeer trail, that’s what we call it. The park is all lit up with Christmas lights,” said Ayers.

The 46 acres of land for this park was donated by Corry native Glenn Mead. He wanted city residents to have a place where they could come and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Mead was a Philadelphia attorney who served as the first international president of rotary.

Alice Lake, a great place for kids to fish, is named in honor of his mother.

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The third Saturday of August is Glenn Mead Days. This weeks LGL donation will help volunteers continue their work here.

“Bringing Loving Giving Local to the great city of Corry is a great thing. It’s a great community, and for us to be here at Mead Park, at a 70-year-old park, and for us to be able to give them a donation, we know it’s going to go to great use. We know it’s going to benefit the Corry community, and that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor from Auto Express.