Another Loving Giving Local donation was made in North East this week — this time to Saint Gregory School.

St. Gregory School has been educating children in North East since 1941. It is one of few parish-based schools remaining in the diocese, and the only one in the Erie area. There are 80 students from pre-K through eighth grade who go to school at St. Gregory.

“We are a great education opportunity and a viable choice for parents who want to send their kids to a private school,” said Maricarol Schoenfeldt, principal at St. Gregory School.

This week’s Loving Giving Local donation will be used to take the students at St. Gregory School on some fun field trips this year.

“We have several field trips coming up and transportation is very expensive. And one of the things that has been a longstanding tradition has been an overnight stay at Camp Notre Dame for our kids. So this is going to help greatly reduce the costs for transportation,” said Schoenfeldt.

“For us to be able to bring Loving Giving Local to St. Gregory School, this is a hidden gem. And for us to allow them to get a little exposure, to know today that our donation is going toward field trip transportation to help these kids get on some field trips, that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express.

If you’d like to learn more about the educational opportunities at St. Gregory’s including its science and art programs, there’s an open house on March 1. 

“One of the things to know is that we are a very well-hidden secret. It’s a great community and we are very family-orientated. (It’s a) family atmosphere. Everyone knows everybody. Great group of kids,” said Schoenfeldt.