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Loving Giving Local

Our Loving Giving Local crew is travelling to Erie’s lower west side this week to focus on one group who believes that sometimes the best way to improve your surroundings is to do it yourself.

Some communities wait for government programs to improve neighborhoods but on the city’s lower west neighbors don’t want to wait that long.

The Our West Bayfront is a local non-profit dedicated to raising funds to improve the lower west side of Erie. There are a lot of programs, including programs to restore blight, provide grants to existing homeowners and to get neighbors to work together to improve their quality of life.

The latest effort is a Lights On project that encourages neighbors to keep their streets safe and inviting, by keeping the lights on.

“That is an initiative to help our neighborhoods feel more welcoming and safer, encouraging property owners to leave their outside lights on and so we have a couple of different pieces of that project so we’ll be putting the money toward that.” said Anna Frantz.

The money is the Loving Giving Local $250 prize awarded to a worthwhile charity each week.

The Our West Bayfront group almost is almost as excited to get the award as the sponsor was to give it.

“And to learn that this $250 is going toward a Lights On project in the neighborhood for safety, again that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about, it’s all about community.” said Joe Askins.

What hardworking charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local award next week? You can tune in on Wednesday morning to find out.

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