St. Patrick’s Haven wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

Few things are more important to the homeless than a safe place to stay, a place to get out of the elements and away from the cold and the dark.

One group has been providing such a place for nearly 40 years.

The night has been a far less cold and forbidding place in Erie since St. Patrick’s Haven has been here. Sponsored through the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the haven has offered 23 beds to those in need.

The doors open at 7:00 p.m. and close at 8:00 a.m. on a first come, first served basis.

“We provide a clean and safe place for people to be if someone wants to shower, we provide all of the toiletries, we provide evening meals and we’re just here to be supportive of people who are walking kind of a tough road right now.” said Betsy Wiest.

St. Patrick’s Haven is cleaned daily and COVID-19 protocols are required, so much so that the haven has never had a positive test result for the virus.

All of the extra cleaning supplies, however, comes at a cost, making an unexpected $250 Loving Giving Local donation an instant blessing at the emergency overnight shelter.

“This is a truly a place in our community that they’re engaged every single night. So, for us to deliver this $250 is a special day for me.” said Joe Askins.

What worthwhile charity will receive a $250 Loving Giving Local award next week, you’ll have to tune in on Wednesday morning to find out!

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