Wesleyville United Methodist Church this week’s winner of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

Loving Giving Local

The people of the United Methodist Church in Wesleyville undertake a wide variety of charity efforts over the years. In recent years, many of those efforts center around food for those in need, including a full food pantry, it also includes a summer lunch program and monthly meals for pre-school all the way up to seniors.

“We worship together in all of those venues and we praise God and we’re praising God right now because we just received $250 that was not expected so we can continue all of these wonderful ministries in our community.” said Rev. Debra Rogosky.

The church’s board will ultimately decided how the $250 award will be spent, but a new freezer is a priority for the church’s food programs. Loving Giving Local sponsor Joe Askins says whatever church leaders decide. He knows the money will be well-spent.

“To either help replace a freezer that went bad or to help prepare meals at the food pantry and we’re able to help them give back to the community and that’s a great feeling.” said Joe Askins.

What area charity will be awarded $250 from the Loving Giving Local crew next? Tune in Wednesday morning to find out.

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