Erie photographer shows us how to love living local…

Loving Living Local

Erie is known for its four seasons, and no matter the season, there is beauty all around us. Today, we see why a local artist and photographer is ‘Loving Living Local’.  

Take a minute to appreciate the place we call home; our beautiful sunsets over the Bayfront, the twinkle of the starry night sky, water slowly rippling down a creek, the crunching of leaves on a crisp, fall day, the Brig Niagara sailing at sunrise, fireworks over the Bicentennial Tower, waterfalls pounding the rocks in winter, and the sun shining on a snow-covered bridge. 

Pause for a moment, and you’ll find beauty anywhere. 

Photographer Paul Gibbens says to “take a deep breath, get out there, and enjoy it”.

No matter your perspective, there is something special about our region. Northwest Pennsylvania is undeniably beautiful; especially with our four seasons, but when seen through the eyes of Local Artist and Photographer Paul Gibbens, it’s breathtaking.

Paul showed off some tricks of the trade, but even more impressive than his talent is his pride in his hometown. “I want to see this town boom. Part of my way of contributing is in my photography to showcase Erie for the way I see it.”

And, his artwork is being showcased all over town. A fan, Renee Lamis, purchased about 18 pieces that will someday go to her three sons, but for now, they hang proudly for the public to enjoy. Renee works as Erie Mayor Joe Schember’s Chief of Staff.  She tells us, “…I really wanted to do something here at the entrance to the Mayor’s Office that spoke about Erie and how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to be here”.

She says in her eyes, Erie is a special place. “I think a lot of people who have lived here all their lives take it for granted.”

Gibbens advises to “get out there and explore it. Find what’s good about it. There’s beauty everywhere.”

And, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. “I look at something in summer time and say, ‘this would look really cool in fall; this would look good in winter’ and I go back and shoot it again.”

Paul says his true love is nighttime photography, “it’s dark. It’s a time to relax and show off the city and that’s how it looks to me;” and time lapses.  

To this day, he takes a lesson from a mentor in the photography business to heart. “He says there’s always light somewhere no matter how dark it is there’s always light.”

You’ll notice Paul likes to showcase his hometown in his work, always places that are meaningful to him. 

To check out more of Paul’s work, click here for his website.

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