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There are many organizations in the area dedicated to helping families regardless of the obstacles from COVID -19. 

One who helps families in both Erie and Crawford counties is getting a little help in the mission this week from our Loving Giving Local crew. 

Here is the story of the story of the Bethesda Children’s Foundation. 

More than 1000 children and their families in Erie and Crawford counties are living better lives, thanks to the work of the Bethesda Children’s Foundation. 

Part of the ministry from Lutheran churches in our area, the foundation provides a wide range of services for kids starting literally from age zero, all the way up to age 23.

“We do truancy programs for Erie county, we do a lot of educ ation programs, alternative education we have our community center, the Trinity Center and then we do partial hospitalizations, residential care,and a whole mix,” says George Trauner of the Bethesda Children’s Foundation. 

All of those programs run by Bethesda is also part of the core mission of the Loving Giving Local program and its $250 award. And for sponsor Joe Askins, the more those dollars help area children, the better.

“We always want to be a part of that and looking ayt what they’re doing for the community and what they’re doing for kids we’re excited to be able to add to that,” says Askins. 

What charity will benefit from the Loving Giving Local $250 dollar award next? Tune in Wednesday morning to find out! 

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