6-year-old raises birthday money for Bald Eagles instead of presents


Most kids can’t wait to open presents on their birthday, but Liam Hansen isn’t most kids.

This little Minnesotan just turned 6-years-old. Instead of a party or presents, he wanted to raise money for his favorite animal, the Bald Eagle. His best friend Dave the stuffed animal is a Bald Eagle

Liam wanted to help real life Dave’s. This little guy raised $434 for the National Eagle Center. Then, it was matched, thanks to a grant.

“To see this little boy be so impacted by eagles, it just warmed everybody’s heart down here, and brought a tear to a lot of peoples eyes, because he’s so special,” said Charley Nelson, National Eagle Center.

“I’m proud of him, I always have been. He’s a really great kid. He has been since he was born,” said Jacey Hansen, Liam’s Mother.

You would never know it, but Liam was born with a hole in his heart, which means lots of doctors visits and surgeries.

He took Dave in with him for one of those surgeries, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

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