PennDOT is sharing its latest plans and renderings of the Bayfront Parkway project in an open house at the Port Authority Building on Wednesday night.

Community members were welcomed to walk through the gallery of images with PennDOT officials and ask questions about how construction will take place.

Some people have voiced their concerns online about the safety of pedestrians on the parkway, as well as environmental concerns relating to the project.

PennDOT officials said that pedestrians will be better off.

“Overall this is a multi-model project. So we are building improvements that are going to benefit I think every user. Whether you’re driving your car, walking or riding a bike, there’s something in this project for you. It’s going to make the parkway safer. It’s going to actually make traffic move slower but more efficiently,” said Brian McNulty, PennDOT District One Executive.

PennDOT added that they have plans to include many trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, and a pedestrian bridge.