A budget presentation was given at the Millcreek Twp School Board meeting


A budget presentation was given by Aaron O’Toole the director of finance at the Millcreek School Board. As the next budget takes shape he wants people to understand the state funding formula. “It’s really a comparison to us compared to other schools in the IU5 as well as other districts who are commonly funded as we are,” said O’Toole.

Also on the agenda the future of former Ridgefield Elementary School. Assistant Superintendent Darcie Moseley said Sarah Reed Center has asked to terminate their lease with the School District. “We definitely want to keep the neighborhood school feel intact and have something that is meaningful for our community,” she said. School Board President John Diplacido said all options are still on the table in regards to the children’s center.

The Board will vote on the Sarah Reed Center at the end of the month meeting. As for the Superintendents job, Moseley and O’Toole will both be interim Superintendents until the board makes a permanent hire for William Hall’s Position. Hall will be retiring at the end of the month.

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