The American Heart Association and Wegman’s are teaming up to help provide kids in our region with the tools to save lives.

Hands-only CPR kits were distributed for both the Booker T. Washington Center and the Millcreek Youth Athletic Association.

During the presentation, children were shown how to perform CPR, which can double or even triple the chance of survival for cardiac arrest victims. The kits also include instructions on how to properly use an AED while responding to sports-related emergencies.

Each kit can be used to provide life-saving training for up to 300 people per year

“These CPR and Youth Sports Training Kits were designed to ensure that every coach that is supporting children knows the life saving skill of CPR, they know how to use an AED and they can respond in an emergency that might happen on a field, cause unfortunately it does,” said Jana Ranus, Director of Community Giving, Wegmans.

The executive director of the booker t center says his staff is c-p-r certified and they appreciate new life saving equipment.