Asbury Woods’ 3rd annual Music in the Woods series begins


Asbury Woods is bringing people together through music at a social distance. The 3rd annual Music in the Woods series kicking off tonight.

The outdoor concert series is offering people a chance to experience a crowd atmosphere, but at a safe distance while enjoying the great outdoors.

Asbury Woods’ Music in the Woods series is bringing people together through music even as the pandemic continues.

“We were looking for all the great things that were happening, and there weren’t many happening this year. We’re just thrilled that this concert series is happening and that we can come over, ” says Millcreek resident Diana Day.

The series is allowing for visitors to enjoy a variety of music every Monday with limited seating.

“It doesn’t look or feel like it did last year when we had 300 to 350 people come, but to just be able to do it even in a limited way we just think it’s so important to move forward with what we can do and focus on what we can do rather than what we cant do,” says Jennifer Farrar, executive director at Asbury Woods.

Farrar tells us the 3rd annual Music in the Woods series comes with more steps than previous years. Visitors must pre-register, and are asked to wear masks until they are seated.

Another visitor tells us being able to go outside and enjoy a change of scenery goes a long way after being inside for months.

“This is what makes it, you have summer and when the winter’s here everybody hibernates anyway so the summers you want to get out and enjoy it. So nature is the perfect way particularly in this coronavirus, ” says Millcreek resident Steven Day.

Additional signage and hand sanitizer is provided throughout the park for guests safety. You can check out the next concert on Monday, July 13th.

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