Bill to Equip Predator Hunters with Thermal and Night Vision Equipment Green-lighted by PA House


Legislation sponsored by State Representative Parke Wentling that would allow hunters of predatory animals to use thermal and night vision equipment was advanced by the Pennsylvania House last week. 

“My legislation would give hunters one more tool in dealing with coyotes and other predatory animals that are mainly active at night,” Wentling said. “With no natural predators and without effective population management, coyotes can prey on our wildlife populations and domestic animals.”

Specifically, House Bill 1188 would amend the Game and Wildlife Code by removing the current statutory restriction on the use of a sight or scope that can transmit or project a light, infrared, ultraviolet, radio, thermal, ultrasonic, particle or any other beam outside of a sight or the scope onto a target.  The Game Commission would regulate the use of thermal and night vision equipment.

“There are regulations in place that don’t allow hunting certain species, such as deer and other game, at night,” Wentling said. “This bill does not change that. Rather it will allow for better identification and more efficient harvest of predatory game hunted legally at night.”

House Bill 1188 now advances to the Senate for consideration.

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