Erie County Council is taking steps in suing the county executive over vetoes in the 2023 budget.

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis previously raised eyebrows over a six-figure change to the budget after it was approved by Erie County Council.

Davis added roughly $400,000 to the budget for items such as travel, his economic development department, and an addition of new staff members.

That money was added by Davis using several vetoes in the 2023 budget, something he says he has the power to do under the Home Charter Rule.

When the vetoes did not receive a five-person majority to overturn them by county council, they went into law.

According to the Erie County Clerk, the solicitor has filed a complaint with council’s intention to enforce the limitation of the executive veto power under the Home Charter Rule.

We reached out to the county executive for comment and received a statement saying, “The Davis Administration has no comment until we have had time to review the complaint.”