Erie Police chief traffic investigator Sgt. Jeff Annunziata terminated over racist comments in email addressed to mayor

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Erie police chief traffic investigator Sgt. Jeff Annunziata has been terminated from the department over racist comments sent in an email to the mayor and several reporters, Mayor Joe Schember announced at a Thursday news conference.

Annunziata was initially suspended and later fired following an investigation.

Mayor Schember condemned the comments made by Annunziata in that email.

Here is the email sent by Annunziata:

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 6:53 PM Jeff Annunziata <> wrote:


   Why are the facts ignored about the killing in this country and how small, the mInute numbers of Police officers that kill a black man in the line of duty? Why is the fact that the officer in Minnesota are paying for their lack of judgement ? What gives the protesters the right to cause damage and disobey public order? Minorities (BLACK PEOPLE) talk of SOCIAL JUSTICE when they cannot take care of their own or anyone else with out playing the race card, why? I see this all the time and many well know people of color agree with this, but are subsequently called Uncle Tom. All I want to see is equality also, but watch the reverse that has taken hold here in this country with the destruction of this countries history in the SOUTH AND OTHER STATES. Right or wrong it is the History of this Country. Why do you reporters not comment on the Destruction and Vandalism of National monuments WHY? I am glad I am a police officer in this city because we have adapted to change and how to treat people in the community. Those other communities need to adapt but it is not going to happen with rioting, looting and destruction of your neighborhoods and cities. Why is it that reporters do not report on the officers in this city that were injured trying to protect what people have built. You as reporters have a responsibility to report the whole story not the part you want to report for your own satisfaction and that of unnecessary movements. BLM is know to have attached itself with ANTIFA WHY? why is the Dem party with the likes of backers like George Soros & the Clinton foundation who are funding BLM & Antifa why? To say BLM and not all lives matter is racist, to stop a confederate flag from waving is a violation of the first amendment, why is this ignored. What about police lives that are killed in this country, why was there no protest when my friend and brother officer Richard Burchick was murdered by a black man? Why is the murder of retired ST. Louis Police Captain (Black Cop David Dorn) murdered and there was no protest for him, he was killed by a young black male ? 48 officers were killed in felonious acts in 2019, where is the protest for their deaths? Why is it important to kneel during the anthem when if they did this immediately after, I believe it would be widely accepted and participated in even by the fans. The protest is right and just, the timing has been dictated by the media. Mr. mayor how many officers need to be hurt before you speak out about the what is going on, this issue affects us all. The ‘deep state’ media, reporters are responsible and the ‘radical’ liberal politicians are right behind them. Their argument serves no purpose but perpetuates the problem because they show the problem but do not offer solutions, fair solutions we can all agree on. Remember we as police interact when we are called upon for help, and sometimes things get out of hand because 

People do not understand compliance. There is not one police officer that I have met around the country that seeks out controversy instead of an agreement NOT ONE. I have been around the country talking to police officer in my 34+ years career, we always look for a peaceful resolution, but when we are confronted with dissension, weapons of all kinds and argument we have a job to do and hopefully with peaceful results. As we know this does not happen when a law is broken and the suspect or citizen does not understand what they have done, was done wrong and against the law.

Jeff Annunziata citizen, taxpayer and police officer.

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