(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — The former Mercyhurst North East campus now has a new name after the recent buyer of the property started a naming contest last month.

The property is now named “Granite Ridge.”

According to the CEO of Ehrenfeld Companies (eCos), the company that bought the property, the name was not one that was submitted, but was “constructed based on the inspiration of themes that were contributed during the contest,” a news release stated.

“We were so thrilled to open up the rebranding of the North East Campus to everyone in the community. We know this campus has been a community pillar and part of the fabric of the region for over a century and it was important for us to hear from the community,” said Jonathan Ehrenfeld, CEO of eCos.  

The company says they will make a contribution to a local charity as there was no outright winner to claim the prize. Also, those whose submissions contributed most directly to the new name will receive recognition gifts from local small businesses.

The new name, “Granite Ridge,” combines the visual exterior stone façade of the building with the rolling fields of the 350-acre property. “It is a name that signifies strength, beauty and longevity,” said Ehrenfeld.

The company says it will open the chapel to wedding rentals, and events once the renovations are complete. Sports fields on the grounds will be used for multiple sporting events, including a weekend lacrosse tournament scheduled for the first week of June, and a month-long boy’s summer camp for athletes.

The Conference Center has offices that are available for long-term leasing. There is also a retreat and café space on the first floor.

The company says the “Granite Ridge” website is currently under development.

“Granite Ridge” will also hold a fireworks display for the community, sponsored by the North East Chamber of Commerce, on July 4.