Erie County, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — The newest Erie County Clerk has been announced, according to a release.

Erie County Council has appointed Karen Chillcott as the new Erie County Clerk. The decision was made during an Aug. 29 caucus when the council voted 7-0 in favor of the appointment.

Steps to begin the transition began after the former county clerk, Julie Slomski, announced she was taking a new position at the Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority.

Chilcott said she has a background in political science, has previous experience with public service and is a former township supervisor. She added she has always had a passion for serving the community and wanting to make a difference.

“I feel that I can have a positive impact in the community by working with county council and the departments that the council serves just you know being the voice and the work for the community bringing things together and putting those things into action,” Chillcott said.

In her role as county clerk, Chillcott will serve as the legislative point of contact for the county and as the Department Head for County Council, Voter Registration, Conduct of Elections and the Human Relations Commission.

“I see this position as an ideal fit. I love Erie and want to make a difference where I live and work. As County Clerk, I have the opportunity to serve the people and government of Erie County in a large capacity, and I’m very excited,” Chillcott continued.

With the upcoming general election, Chillcott is rising to the challenge and ready to get started.