It’s a bittersweet weekend for a local coffee shop.

Brick House has become a beloved coffee shop over the years, and many are sad to see it go but thankful for the time they got to share.

Four years ago, the owners of a local coffee shop located in Millcreek decided to take the leap to try something new. With their challenging adventure, they have come out with something they only dreamed they would achieve. Jim and Jackie Cross took over and really wanted to give the shop a face lift.

“The prior owner had a different menu, different hours, and different theme. So, we thought lets back it down a little bit, shorten the menu and the hours. But also make it what the sign says. Let’s be good a coffee and let’s be good with the environment and the atmosphere.” said Jim Cross, who owns Brick House Coffee with his wife Jackie Cross.

One coffee lover who goes to school at West Virginia University said she heard of the closing and decided to come back home for one last sweet taste.

“I’ve just always loved it coming here. I’ve been coming here for years. This space is super cute, and their coffee is absolutely amazing. It’s cozy, comfortable, great coffee, great food, great memories,” said Rachel Irwin, a longtime customer.

Jim and Jackie say they are very thankful for customers like Rachel, and they took a huge gamble when they opened their doors.

“Like that saying goes, if they build it, they will come, because we didn’t have a list a guaranteed customers, we just opened our doors and there they were,” said Jackie Cross.

After much consideration, they decided it was time to move on with their lives. They are new grandparents and explain that being on call 24/7 and owning a business is demanding.

The Brick House has been booming with business since the news got out this past week however the owners of the local coffee shop are very emotional to see it go.

“It’s time to close the chapter. It’s been a good week. “You don’t just want to go to low, low to high. But we picked a time and when is a good time? You don’t know.  And again, we’re lucky and thankful,” Jim & Jackie Cross reflected.

“I’m sad to see it go, but I’m grateful to have such a great coffee shop in the city,” Rachel Irwin reflected.

The owners said that Brick House is not just a coffee shop. They consider their customers and baristas as family which made their decision very difficult. If you want one last taste of their coffee, you have until they close for good Sunday at 2 p.m.