Lisa Austin’s campaign releasing results of a surveying conducted by her campaign, named the “Grassroots Survey.”

Jordan Lander, survey director, says, “What we found was 22 percent said yes they would vote for Lisa Austin on May 16th and 24 percent said no. That’s actually pretty good, which would suggest Lisa would be in the lead because that’s amongst six other candidates running against her. So 24 percent divided into those six.”

A third survey out of Erie’s mayoral race.

A third and different set of numbers for voters to consider.

Lisa Austin, democratic candidate to become Erie’s next mayor, says, “I was very heartened to see that the opposition was smaller than we thought. In another words that there are certainly people who have pledged to vote for another candidate, but when they’re combined together, that is not at this point at least the data that we’re seeing doesn’t equal the people that are supporting me. “

This survey comes after candidates Bob Merski and Jay Breneman release polls, each saying they are leading in the polls released by their campaign respectively.

Austin’s survey asked more than 1,000 likely voters with a three percent margin of error over a around a three month period.

Austin says the biggest finding of this survey is the amount of undecided voters and that it’s still anyone’s race.

Austin says, “Every vote is really important this year and people just really have to come out. Again, we’re hopeful that the undecideds who are still thinking and reading and meeting us and going to forums and so on, that they will actually support me.”

Lander says, “Fifty-four percent said they might vote for her or they’re undecided, which tells us this race is still up for anybody and that Lisa will continue to work hard to earn their vote on May 16th.”