Christopher LeClair guilty of first degree murder


Christopher LeClair found guilty of first-degree murder.

The prosecution left the jury to deliberate with a strong statement, saying the defendant has taken the love his wife deserved, the respect she deserved, and the dignity she deserved.  Now, they’re asking the jury to not let LeClair take the justice she deserves too.

Closing arguments wrapped up this morning in the homicide trial of 49-year-old Christopher LeClair.  Investigators say he killed his wife, Karen, on Lake Erie then tossed her body into the water.  

The defense says Karen LeClair did die on that boat, but it wasn’t murder.  They believe she was so bothered by the defendant’s affair that she committed suicide.

The defendant wrote in letters to his loved ones that he tied his wife to an anchor and threw her overboard because he didn’t want people to find out that she took her own life.  

But, the prosecution says that theory is just another lie from Christopher LeClair.  Rehashing witness testimony of statements the defendant allegedly made as far back as 2004, that he had a plan to kill his wife.  The prosecution asking the jury to find LeClair guilty of first-degree murder.

The defense claiming he’s not guilty. 

Closing arguments began at 8:45 this morning and wrapped up after 11.  The jury broke to deliberate shortly before noon. 

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