The City of Erie Streets Department and Erie Police continue to ticket and tow vehicles that are in the way of plows and emergency vehicles.

As snow continues to accumulate, Erie Police and local towing companies continue to remove dozens of vehicles from city streets, towing several cars earlier on Friday near 38th Street.

Several cars also being towed from Woodlawn Avenue and the 4000 block of McClelland Avenue. One Streets Department representative says residents were given 72 hours notice that their cars would be towed.

“We don’t want to tow anyone’s car, so the police have been out. If the homeowner comes out and they are making an attempt to get their car out, we’re not going to tow it. It’s when we can’t find the owner and the owner refuses to come out is when the city’s going to tow the car,” said Jeff Gibbens, Superintendent of the Erie City Streets.

Police attempted to speak with residents before towing their cars to see if they would dig their vehicles out of the snow.

“We had a lot of people get the hint, they were out shoveling today and removing their cars. We’re just going to continue with this process because it is making the streets safer for everyone,” Gibbens said.

One official from the City of Erie Engineering Department says it is the responsibility of residents and business owners to clear off their sidewalks.

“We encourage everyone to get out there, everybody has a little different situation and we are really trying to work with everybody to just get those sidewalks open,” said Jason Sayers, Assistant City Engineer.

Sayers says there is a fee associated with a city ordinance related to residents shoveling.

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Erie Streets Department Superintendent says they will continue to ticket and tow cars next week. This means that city residents who are notified should move their cars this weekend.