GIBSON, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Pennsylvania State Police have announced six people have been charged in relation to the killing and kidnapping of a missing Susquehanna County man.

According to state police, Tyler Barber was reported missing in September of 2022 by family members.

Tyler Barber, murder victim

Troopers later learned Barber was last seen at an apartment on Elm Street in the Susquehanna Depot, with Blaze Corter, and three other men. The group was allegedly upset with Barber for suspicions of being a “snitch”, claiming Barber had spoken to police.

Police say Barber was forced into a car with Corter and the three men, telling Barber “they will get information out of him whether he likes it or not.” The four arrived at a locked gate on Rose Hollow Road when they blindfolded Barber and restrained him with a rope against a tree, investigators stated.

Blaze Corter is seen being led out of the state police barracks in handcuffs.

The four men took turns striking Barber with closed fits, stripping him of his clothes and burning them in pile in the middle of the road, police said. While being assaulted, Barber told them where they can find money inside his house.

When two out of the four men returned after finding the $160.00, a fifth man arrived with a silver bat and allegedly took turns with Corter hitting Baber. Finally, the group loosened Barber’s restraints and left him lying on the road in only his underwear.

In November 2022, a human skull was discovered by a hunter and more human remains were found past the end of Rose Hollow Road down an embankment. In December, Mercyhurst University Forensic Anthropology Laboratory positively identified the skeletal remains belonged to Barber.

“It was a brutal assault. Unfortunately, you know it was something we had to investigate. In today’s world when you have drugs involved with crime unfortunately things like this happen,” stated Trooper Bob Uppern.

“We were all very excited and finally relieved that something has been done. It’s even since September that we lost Tyler. As you can imagine we’ve all been a mess through it until someone was held responsible for what they did,” expressed Vannie Labour, Baber’s Aunt.

Corter has been charged with criminal homicide, kidnapping, and other related charges involving the incident.

John Sullivan, wearing a knit hat, instead that he was kidnapped. Daniel Williams wearing a prison jumpsuit, covered his face as he was led to a state police cruiser. Matthew Baker wearing a black t-shirt is facing homicide charges, he says he wished it never happened.

Lastly, Tracee Joe Shimer is charged with conspiracy -unlawful restraint/serious bodily injury, and kidnap to inflict terror. She was arrested Friday after she hide under the floorboards of a house in Susquehanna County to avoid state police.

Police say a sixth suspect, Nicholas Petrich is not in custody. PSP believes he is in New York state.

This is a developing story and will be updated as information is made available.