Day two of the trial for the fatal shooting of Patric Phillips continued Friday with the defendants Derrick Elverton, Marshawn Williams, Anthony Blanks and Damarjon Beason appearing before the court, facing criminal homicide-related charges.

Witnesses that appeared on the stand gave their account of December 7, 2019.

Denisha Polk said she knew Phillips for 15 years and referred to him as her best friend.

A witness on the stand was asked to confirm the identity of the defendants in a photo from the night in question.

Polk was asked to review footage from December 7, 2019, and recognized Derrick Elverton and Damarjon Beason after seeing an enhanced photo.

“It was clear. I could see everybody’s face.”

Testimony of Denisha Polk

Polk confirmed that Elverton and Beason were sitting before her in the courtroom.

Dale Wimer of the Pennsylvania State Police took the stand to discuss the firearm that was recovered at the scene in a cardboard box. He said the firearm’s serial number was scratched off.

Wimer recalled the condition of the weapon.

“I felt it was obliterated.”

Testimony of Dale Wimer

Talisha Nagle was asked by prosecutors about a gun that she reported missing in January 2020. Nagle recalled last seeing her missing firearm around October or November 2019. Documents presented in the courtroom gave the serial number of her missing weapon. Allegedly, it was the same gun that was recovered at the scene where Phillips was murdered.

Another witness and an alleged suspect by the defense attorney is Melissa Seaman. Seaman testified that she heard about Phillips from her friend. She then said that she would hang out with Marshawn Williams in the fall of 2019. She confirmed that he was in the courtroom before her.

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Seaman said Williams told her it would be a “good lick” which she confirmed could mean a robbery.

She said Williams and her at-the-time boyfriend Michael Toles returned to her home after the incident and Williams told her they “went to rob Pat, but it went bad.”

When prosecutors asked Seaman how she felt about what Williams and Toles did, she said she was upset because she was supposed to be there.

“I think I would have been able to make it go smooth.”

Testimony of Melissa Seaman

Seaman is currently detained from being involved with another robbery that resulted in a death in 2020. The trial will continue with more witnesses on Monday, June 6.