Jim’mare Crosby, 14, is charged with the April 5 shooting inside Erie High School that left one student wounded.

Crosby appeared before Judge Trucilla on June 6 in a two-hour hearing that would determine how he would be tried in court.

The defendant will be tried as an adult.

John Carlson, a local attorney, described what factors go into a case being moved from a juvenile case to an adult case.

“Generally, the commonwealth has to move to certify that case from juvenile court to adult court. However, the burden shifts away from the commonwealth onto a defendant when a 14-year-old possesses a firearm or is charged with a specifically enumerated offense, which warrants it being considered for adult court upon petition from the commonwealth. In this case, there’s both,” said John Carlson, local attorney.

Crosby has been transferred from the Edmund L. Thomas Detention Center to the Erie County Prison on $100,000 cash bond.

This came after the District Attorney proposed to move the case to adult court, and after Judge Trucilla rejected a defense request to postpone the transfer.

According to Carlson, being tried as an adult can bring a more severe set of penalties.

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“As an adult, there are sentencing guidelines. Generally speaking, the maximum possible penalties are much more than seven years. They are 15 years, 25 years, things of that sort,” Carlson said.

The next step will be a July 7, 2022 hearing before Erie County Judge John Mead.