Nearly a year after a fatal shooting inside a short term rental home on McClelland Avenue in Erie, police have made several arrests.

Erie Police have charged four suspects in connection to the shooting. The four local suspects now face homicide charges. Police say there were four other suspects involved from Arizona who are also in custody.

The suspects have been charged in the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Shannon Crosby.

Erie Police have charged Julia Gaerttner, 32, Marsea Jones, 20, Jamie Smith, 20 and Derrick Wright, 35.

“It was a pretty violent shootout that happened in the 3900 block of McClelland Avenue. It involved some individuals from out of town, from Arizona. There were multiple arrests made in January and February,” said Rick Lorah, deputy chief of police, City of Erie.

Each suspect is charged with criminal homicide, second degree murder, robbery and other charges.

According to police, all of the suspects were in the rental home on McClelland Avenue when Crosby was shot on Jan. 27.

Another individual, Kortez Murray, 19, of Arizona was also shot, suffering non-fatal-injuries.

According to Erie Police, Murray and three others traveled from Arizona to Erie to sell $30,000 worth of fentanyl.

One neighbor says the shooting caused concern in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, and he’s glad authorities continued to investigate. 

“It was way out of place for this neighborhood. All the neighbors that I know in this neighborhood, you rarely hear of anything happening. I’ve been here for five years now and this is the only thing even remotely close to bad happening in this neighborhood. It was a shocking thing to hear happen in this area,” said Brian Dewey, neighbor.

Erie Police believe all of the suspects involved have now been charged. Dewey says neighbors are relieved.

“I haven’t thought much about it. It is a rental situation, so you know within two days after that it was over with, it wasn’t something that I was worried about. But I bet there was a lot of people that feel better about hearing about the end of the story,” said Dewey.

Erie Police report all of the local homicides in 2022 have been resolved, charging suspects for all of those murders.