It’s day three of a homicide trial in which three young defendants are charged in the murders of two Erie men, as well as a string of other crimes committed back in 2018.

Two of the three defendants on trial were under 18 when they allegedly committed these crimes.

Tonight, we’re hearing testimony more about community work that’s being done to educate Erie’s youth about the judicial system and the dangers of gun violence.

The trial continues for three defendants allegedly connected to the fatal shootings. Those defendants are Destin Dortch, Christopher Bridges and Raeshawn McCallum.

On Monday, another suspect who faced charges related to these crimes, 43-year-old Chinello Blaski, testified about the alleged events that led to the death of 44-year-old Phillip Clark.

Blaski claimed he drove the three defendants to Clark’s neighborhood in the 300 block of West 29th Street in September of 2018.

He alleged the three suspects went inside the home with a plan to rob the victim of drugs and money.

Blaski claimed he was surprised to find out they allegedly shot and killed Clark, a paraplegic.

Dortch and Bridges were both under 18 years old at the time, however they are being charged as adults.

One community leader said he brings groups of young people to the courthouse to learn about the judicial system and the kind of consequences that come with committing crimes.  

“Judge Trucilla came out in his black robe and of course you stand to honor the position that the judge holds, and he let them have it. He told them (the) reality and my responsibility is to help reality set in with them, that they don’t want to go through this type of system,” said Bishop Dwane Brock, the CEO of Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corp.

Brock said once a year students meet with the district attorney, Erie County judges and the City of Erie Police chief to talk about the consequences of their actions and how violence is never the answer.