A gun was fired inside the Millcreek Mall on Sunday afternoon.

Police report that witnesses described two groups of young adults arguing before someone in one of the groups took out a gun and fired one shot into the ceiling.

Both groups then fled the scene. No injuries were reported.

In the aftermath of the gunfire, mall workers and shoppers weighed in on what safety protocols were taken to keep employees safe and what they would like to see moving forward.

Briaunna Malone was live from the control room with more on this.

Mall workers and shoppers are asking that more security measures are put in place to ensure an incident like Sunday’s mall shooting will not happen again.

After police responded to calls of gunfire inside the Millcreek Mall on Sunday afternoon, Erie residents are now wondering what is being done to keep shoppers and mall staff safe.

“It’s always a topic of conversation. We always want the mall to be safe for our people walking around it, so yes, there’s always conversation about what can be done industry wide. That’s always been a topic of conversation,” said Karrie George, marketing director, Millcreek Mall.

George said that security measures were immediately put into place, followed by the mall shutting down until receiving the all clear from police officers to reopen.

An assistant manager of a cafe and bistro said his team also followed instructions from their manager to keep them safe.

“Our manager texted them and everything to close doors, lock them obviously, turn off the lights, and just hide, because that’s all you can really do in a situation like that,” said Zachary Shank, assistant manager, Pampered Palate Cafe & Bistro.

Shoppers and Erie residents weighed in on the incident, and told us more measures need to be put in place to prevent a situation like this from happening again.

“I would say they have to be pretty serious about doing what we just said, and that’s adopting some form of security similar to airports. Airports are doing it, why shouldn’t malls be doing it,” said Harry Rich, Erie visitor, shopper.

“They should have no weapons, and they have to have like a search thing, and have them just get searched,” said Carly Fitzpatrick, Erie resident.

Mall management said they’re taking the situation very seriously, and that they are always looking for ways to improve safety for those on their property.

“Unfortunately, we can’t speak to specific measures that we are taking, but there is always measures being taken in the background to make sure that something like this does not happen in the future,” said George.

The Millcreek Police Department says the investigation is still ongoing.