Imagine driving on the highway, going about 65 miles per hour, and out of nowhere a rock or brick comes crashing down on your car. 

It’s scary. It can be deadly. And state police say it’s happening here in Erie.

Now, investigators are trying to track down the suspect or suspects.  

Police are looking into finding those responsible for five different incidents since October 31, and they are sure to face serious consequences.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, suspects are throwing bricks and bags of rocks from overpasses at cars traveling on Interstates 79 and 90.

There have been five incidents at locations, including the Lake Pleasant Road overpass on Interstate 90; Millfair Road overpass on Interstate 90; and Old State Road overpass on Interstate 79.

“It’s a misdemeanor of the first degree when striking an occupied vehicle that is on the roadway,” said Trooper Andrew Hacke, public information officer. “As of right now, obviously you have people that were struck with them, their vehicles were damaged and they’re shaken up. They’re probably not going to be able to drive under an overpass with out looking up now without thinking ‘is something going to come down on my vehicle.’ Thankfully there were no injuries reported at the time.”

However, if injuries are involved, charges are much more severe than a misdemeanor.

We reached out to a local attorney to learn more about the consequences.

“If someone is injured or killed, the perpetrators will be responsible for whatever that crime is, up to and including murder,” said Eric Purchase, attorney.

Purchase added the financial responsibilities that could come from something like this could follow you throughout your whole life.

“These perpetrators need to understand that what they’re doing isn’t a joke, it isn’t a ruse. They’re putting people in serious risk of harm, significant harm. It’s very unlikely that if they hit somebody it will only be property damage.”

State police want the public to know that they’re doing everything they can to stop this so that people can continue to travel safely.